I suppose I ought to start by filling in the past few years. Finished off my stint in Korea on a good note, finger mostly fixed and warmer weather meant I got to play basketball and go hiking a lot. Met Aubrey de Grey, had a beer with him when he was in Korea, and made plans to work at his Arizona facility when I got back to the states. That unfortunately didn’t work out, and with the economy taking a nose dive I was unable to find any entry level research positions. I rediscovered my love for martial arts after moving back home, and with money in the bank (and naively expecting the economy to recover shortly) I took off the better part of a year to work on martial arts. In the process I discovered martial arts tricking and through it many great people, some of whom became close friends. We have fun. Got a couple random low wage jobs then got started in quality assurance which has been alright so far and has landed me back in Madison. I like Madison. I also decided to get into the stock market which led me to do a bunch of economics research and ultimately led me to the conclusion that the economic policy followed by most of the developed world is deeply flawed. Also that economics is incredibly complex, and anyone who thinks they have it completely figured out shouldn’t be trusted. The Austrian approach seems to be working for the (few) countries who have tried it so I’m tentatively basing my investing on that approach and it’s been going well so far. There are also political ramifications. I’ve decided both Democrats and Republicans have it wrong as well and I’m now libertarian leaning. Plus believing that the economy is about to take another dive before it actually recovers has heightened my interest in creating a career in which there are still good jobs during a downturn. I’ve been learning to code in my spare time. Somewhere in there I also managed to get my paraglider pilot’s license and motorcycle license, and not kill myself during either of the related activities.


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