I am moved in. For the second time in as many weeks, in fact. I found myself in need of housing in a hurry after loosing the people who lived upstairs, and ended up commandeering my little sister’s room near campus for a few days while waiting for my new place to clear me, as she is in Italy for the summer. The nostalgia of being downtown was stronger than I expected. I walked around and checked out restaurants new to State Street (since I was there) a few times, and watched the familiar mix of students, homeless, and hippies wander by. Mia Za’s was probably my favorite find. My new place is not fancy but it has a place for my squat rack, the location is convenient, and the lease is month to month which gives me satisfying sense of freedom. Moved in, not unpacked. More important things to do.

Yesterday for instance, I had a two hour gym session with some friends from Appleton, after which we went and tricked for another couple hours at the karate school of one of our friends. It was good. Earlier in the day I opened up an old laptop to cannibalize a hard drive that had some files I needed. Also, I cooked real food. One of the things I actually missed most when I was downtown was access to all my cooking stuff. Today when I made salmon I didn’t have the stuff to make the sauce I normally do, so I improvised and made one with a Sriracha base. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lousy excuse for a cook at this point so the bar is pretty low, but this was easily one of my most successful experiments. It was really good.


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