August Rush

Ok, August was busy.

First weekend, tricking gathering in Chicago and my littlest sister’s birthday.

Second weekend, up to Iron Mountain Michigan for my Grandpa’s funeral.

Third week, my oldest sister’s wedding (I say week this time because it was a several day excursion including camping on the Wisconsin river, wedding prep, wedding, wedding cleanup) in which I was the best man and summoned to do music as well.

Then some Motorcycle riding, lost jacket retrieving, and visiting state parks to finish off the month.

Along the way I picked up some poison ivy which turns out is every bit as infuriating as I remembered it from my childhood. This time though, I at least had the chance to do science. I tried a good half dozen home remedies as well as some over the counter anti-itch cream. Most are pretty ineffectual. The best is actually jewelweed, which is luckily pretty common and easy to identify.

You have to crush it and rub the juice on the affected area. Using the leaves seems most effective but the juice will stain your skin orange; the stem juice is clearer.


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