You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd

3. But you can be happy if you put your mind to it.

This one is hard to believe until you’ve done it. As someone who grew up priding myself on my logical approach to the world, the first time I heard this I immediately thought “No you can’t.” How could you just decide to be happy? Well I still don’t know, but I know it’s possible. Not that you’ll instantly turn into a bubbly ray of sunshine that never slows down, and not that what’s going on in your life won’t affect your mood, but deciding to focus on the positives can have a huge impact.

I definitely spent a couple years focusing on the negatives and it was toxic and self destructive. I eventually made some changes that stopped the cycle and looking back stopping that negative focus was probably the biggest single factor in turning things around.

This attitude stuff is well supported by research, and this article has a bunch more you can do. I personally do my best to cut out stressors and toxic relationships, and have found that very beneficial as well.


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