Wing Chun

I just got back from doing Wing Chun (well, actually grocery shopping, but before that… ). It was my third lesson and it’s starting to become a little less awkward, and somewhat mesmerizing. The mechanics of it are completely different from any system I’m familiar with, and they have a kind of genius and beauty to them that I’m starting to appreciate. I’m extremely lucky to have a practitioner of 20 years in the area who just needed a student so he would have someone to practice with and is willing to train me for free and virtually at my convenience.

Along with that I’ve been attempting to form some good habits: stretching and programming daily, and hopefully adding in a little training as well. Traditionally these things get pushed aside by necessary parts of life or even just reading too many interesting things on the internet. I’m going to attempt to keep a tighter reign on these so that I don’t waste time on anything that’s actually necessary or at least worth it, so we’ll see how that goes. In any event, life is good and I’m excited to be learning new things.


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