A game to make you smarter that actually works

A game to make you smarter that actually works.

I was on one of my usual self-improvement article binges tonight when I stumbled across this game. There are lots of games out there that claim to keep your brain sharp but this one supposedly has peer-reviewed research supporting the claim (I say supposedly because the link was broken so I couldn’t read the original paper). All I can promise you so far is that it’s hard. I’ve never been terribly good at memory games but to me each level seems a lot harder than the last, and 3 is kind of kicking my butt right now.

On a side note, what I was really looking for is actual trainable or implementable solutions (not “tips”) for staying on task. Practitioners of mindfulness meditation claim it is the answer to inability to focus, but if so that still leaves the problem of procrastination or simply wasting time. Feel free to comment with suggestions.


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