Many happenings

I’ve been up to a lot of stuff and haven’t been blogging but i’m attending RefactorU now and I think it would be really helpful to capture some thoughts to help me work through problems, see progress, and give other people an idea of what a programming boot camp is like. Double thanks to Richard Lucas who is both letting me crash on his couch right now and suggested reviving the blog. i’m hoping to find time to post regularly, we’ll see how it goes.

I just finished Day 2, and it feels like we’ve covered a lot of ground already. I’ve been impressed by how well thought-out the course is. The format is kind of back and forth between lecture and coding and they give you a lot of stuff to try before giving you all the answers which has worked really well for me, making me think hard and keeping me engaged. The first real problem we were given was a CSS card flip exercise that I liked a lot because it was a cool trick, had a surprising amount of layered challenges to get working, and had a fairly elegant solution in the end. You can the code for my version here.

We also do a fair bit of discussion in peer groups, and something that came up that I thought was good was balancing trying to figure things out on your own and asking for help. The balance is important because getting stuck on one little thing for an hour is counter-productive but asking for help every 2 seconds isn’t going to solidify ideas the way working through it on your own will.

I’ve got stories from traveling and getting immediately kicked out of my apartment too, but those will have to wait because I need sleep.


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