Tic tac toe: Day 2

Today felt slow but when I look back on it it wasn’t all that bad. In the morning I added marker placing, database updating, turn switching, and win and tie detection with board disabling, which got me a fully functional human vs human version of the game. It took me most of the afternoon to get a really rudimentary AI implemented. Writing the AI itself took all of a couple minutes because it’s so simple (just chooses squares based on a ranking system with no regard for where the other player has played). Figuring out which variables needed to be passed to what parts of the AI and keeping getting everything called in the correct places took most of it.

Then we had a guest speaker who was pretty good. Almost all of them so far have said one of the biggest things they look for is people who are insatiably curious and avid learners which is encouraging since half the reason I’m looking to get into this field is because there’s always something more to learn.

After the official day was ended I was able to get back to the project and set it up so that the AI can be set to either player, and that’s where I’m at for now. Tomorrow I finally get to work on the smart AI!


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