Tic tac toe: Day 3

Today was supposed to be the hard day, and it’s lived up to that pretty well. I spent the morning writing the logic to assign each board position a score and then fixing a couple bugs and finding out I’m really bad at getting variables passed around correctly to the functions that need them so that stuff slowed me down some more and I didn’t get to the meat of the project until after lunch.

Much to my surprise I was able to create a running (not working) version of a branch searching AI program. It’s broken right now, but I just found out where it was breaking so I should in theory be able to fix that part. There might be 100 more problems with it for all I know, but I’m somewhat happy just with the fact that I managed to get something going when the program is this difficult to follow (recursive in both branches, a little mind blowing for someone who’s never seen recursion before) and the only decent reference I had was written in a language I am completely unfamiliar with. Presentations are tomorrow morning, so I’m going to work on it a bit and see if I can get it functioning properly by then.


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