How tricking got me a job as a software developer

Success! It took longer than I hoped, apparently there weren’t many actual entry level positions open in the Madison area, but I got the first truly entry level one I applied to. Actually, I didn’t even apply. I met a guy at a software meetup, he invited me to come talk to the team, and a few days later I was working a two week trial period. It’s a startup so I guess they move a little faster than big businesses. As of today I’m officially hired on, starting Monday.

So about that title. I may have lucked out in that I actually knew the CTO a little bit. He’s a gymnastics coach and I used to go to open gym at the place he worked. I’m pretty sure I asked him to teach me things a couple times, so he probably already knew how thorough my learning approach is, and I’m sure that didn’t hurt my chances. So now I’ve got my foot in the door, the part that I was most worried about. I officially completed the career change, and all I have to do now is soak up everything I can on my way to being a top notch developer!


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