Hitting my stride a little

I’ve officially been a professional software developer all of four months, but I’m starting to feel pretty darn good about my choice.  It started back in February when (while not even looking for jobs) I got a nice offer from a different company. I was all set to take it but when the CTO of my current company found out I was leaving he called an impromptu board meeting and got me essentially a match so I would stay with them. Having two companies fight over you before you even get good is certainly an encouraging feeling.

Now, a couple months later I’ve solved enough problems that I don’t get scared anymore when I get handed something I’m completely unfamiliar with. I just assume that I’ll be able to figure it out because that’s how it’s gone so far, and that allows me to relax a little. At the moment I’m working on something that’s pretty easy for me, at home, in sweats, listening to good music and I can’t imagine “work” being much nicer than this.


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